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Governance, Risk and Compliance Assurance Services

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security controls developed by an aggregated body of experts from the major card brands. The standard covers the fundamental aspects of information security and extends through the people, processes, and technologies involved in payment card processing systems. PCI DSS is a complex and granular standard that is mandatory for all entities which store, process or transmit payment card data, as well as organizations that may impact the security of a credit card processing environment.

CyberGen’s consultants will lead you through the PCI DSS journey from initial review to full alignment with the standard in the most efficient and least intrusive manner possible. This will ensure your business can continue to operate while maintaining a secure payment processing environment.

CyberGen’s approach towards PCI — DSS is based on its experience with implementation of different Information and Cyber Security standards, frameworks, and best practices.

CyberGen Approach to address your PCI DSS needs


Determination of Scope in terms of Organizational Boundaries, Network Segments, Physical Boundaries. CyberGen team of experts will help you with -

  • Scope Study
  • Payment Flow Diagrams
  • Heat Map


Perform gap assessments to determine all existing controls against the requirements. In this phase our consultants will provide you -

  • Perform gap assessments
  • Blueprint of existing and new controls required
  • Remediation action plans


Implement controls based on gaps identified. This is achieved through definition of policies and documentation of procedures on one hand and coordinating the actual implementation of technical controls on the other. CyberGen will offer –

  • Consulting Services


Perform Internal and External Penetration Testing along with Vulnerability Assessments for in-scope IT Infrastructure and Applications. CyberGen team will assist you with -

  • Penetration Testing Services
  • ASV Scanning


Perform Internal Audit to review the application of the framework and all its components as specified in the standard Penetration Testing Services. CyberGen experts will perform -

  • Testing and Review Services
  • Control Reviews
  • Documentation of Evidences


This is the final phase where PCI Council approved QSA will perform the final assessment. CyberGen Consultants will assist you with Certification Audit -

  • Third party audit support
  • Support SAQ
  • Compliance validation
  • Certification

CyberGen portfolio of services delivering tailored solutions for your PCI DSS Needs

Scope Definition and Advisory Services

CyberGen Consultants will accurately define and develop a scope to minimize delays and eradicate blind spots in your environment and processes to help you establish an efficient compliance program for PCI DSS.

Assistance in Level-1 Assessment

CyberGen Consultants will help your internal IT Security and Compliance Team to get your Report on Compliance (ROC). Our consultants apply an efficient, methodical approach that reduces disruption and sets you up for long-term compliance success.

Facilitated Self-Assessment Services

CyberGen SME help Level 2, 3, and 4 merchants and Level 2 service providers with a speedy, easy, and safe way to conclude a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

Point-to-Point Encryption Services

CyberGen Team will help you evaluate P2PE solutions, components and your payment applications if you are a merchant, solution or a service provider.

Vulnerability Scanning Services

Ask for our on-demand Vulnerability Scanning Services to help you scan your internal and external IT Infrastructure and Applications needs. Our on-demand cloud and scanner-based scans can quickly cater to your requirements without much of investment. We address scanning and reporting requirements and help you recognize and remediate vulnerabilities.

Why choose CyberGen for your PCI DSS Compliance?

CyberGen brings in an exclusive approach to cybersecurity with wisely created methodology and techniques to cater for your PCI DSS compliance needs. CyberGen’s approach enables computable metrics and compliance results. This help you gain a better understanding of your organization’s compliance responsibility and how to effectively achieve it. Our solutions are blend of intelligence, defense and control that will ensure PCI-compliance, reduce threat actor dwell time to near zero and protect payment data, applications and IPRs. Partnering with CyberGen gives you access to expertly trained cybersecurity professionals who are experienced with real world tested techniques, scenarios and solutions.

Save time and resources working with experienced assessors who know your industry and challenges rising from the growth and evolution of your business and underlying technologies.

Improve overall cybersecurity outcomes from your compliance investments.

Leverage CyberGen’s expertise drawn from countless self-assessments, application validations and management of complex in or hybrid cloud and virtualized technologies.

Leverage CyberGen’s risk advisory services designed for your PCI needs to align your enterprise IT compliance programs with your broader cybersecurity strategy and improve your overall risk management.