Cloud provider stopped ransomware attack but had to pay ransom demand anyway | ZDNet

Blackbaud, a provider of software and cloud hosting solutions, said it stopped a ransomware attack from encrypting files earlier this year but still had to pay a ransom demand anyway after hackers stole data from the company's network and threatened [...]

Cisco releases security fixes for critical VPN, router vulnerabilities | ZDNet

Cisco has issued a security update that tackles 34 vulnerabilities, five of which are deemed critical.  It's been an interesting month for enterprise administrators and security staff with Microsoft's Patch Tuesday including fixes for 123 vulnerabilities across 13 products. In [...]

Mac cryptocurrency trading application rebranded, bundled with malware | WeLiveSecurity

ESET researchers lure GMERA malware operators to remotely control their Mac honeypots We’ve recently discovered websites distributing malicious cryptocurrency trading applications for Mac. This malware is used to steal information such as browser cookies, cryptocurrency wallets and screen captures. Analyzing [...]

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