Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

Even with your key network, infrastructure, data and application protections in place, businesses still struggle to mount effective Cyber Threat Detection and Response program. Too much data to evaluate, lack of contextual data from your security tools, too many false positives, not enough skilled security personnel to monitor and respond to incidents, and a lack of budget may act as major challenges to mount effective security defenses. The challenges for today's digital enterprise is the lack of visibility outside the network edge, to find and mitigate advanced threats and the high cost to build and keep running an internal dedicated and specialized security team.


CyberGen’s Managed Threat Detection and Response Services gets you the visibility required to proactively identify potential security issues and respond to them before they can cause any harm. Our Threat Detection and Response service offers 24x7x365 advanced monitoring, analysis, investigation of malicious code and callbacks related to events collected from all integrated cyber sources correlated with intelligence feeds to detect attempted and/or successful breaches to your systems. Our MTDR services are tailored as per your business needs, existing risks and regulatory compliance requirements.

Three Phase Penetration Testing Methodology

Prepare and Discover

Threat Analysis using Forensic data

Criticality Assessment including BIA

Consider implications of existing processes and users

Regulatory and Compliance considerations

Outreach and Awareness for avoiding Human Errors

Detect & Respond

Collective sources including firewall logs, Network and Host based Intrusion Detection, Antivirus

Determine Cyber Security Incident with Incident Triggers

CSIRT to check for threat level

Define Objectives and determine breach

Mitigate threat and Recover data, connections and systems

Report and Remediate

Conduct Root Cause Analysis

Report incident to relevant stakeholders

Validate and Monitor Affected Systems

Post Incident Review including Leadership view

Update processes and Security Controls

Lessons learned

Uncover threats before they can impact your business. CyberGen’s Managed Threat Detection and Response Service keeps you aware of threats and provide you the tools and steps to eradicate them quickly and completely.

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