Internet of Things

Deployments of IoT Devices and Technologies Outpacing Current Cyber Security Measures

The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates us live and work smarter, as well as gain control over our lives and surroundings. IoT is now vital for business operations, it can provide A manufacturer with a real-time view of how their plant systems are really working, giving insights into everything from performance of machines to supply chain and logistical operations to safety issues that need immediate attention.

The IoT is a constantly emerging and growing array of diverse technologies that communicate with our physical world. Most IoT technologies available today are result of a convergence between information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), cloud computing, mobile computing, embedded systems, big data, low-price hardware, and other technological advances. IoT devices can provide functionalities like, compute, data storage, and network connectivity to equipment that previously lacked them and make them capable of functionalities, such as remote access for monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting. These added functionalities by IoT devices enable equipment owners or operator to analyze data and use the results for decision making and anticipate future events.

Most businesses have little or no knowledge about their complete usage of IoT technologies in their premises and respective cyber security and privacy risks associated with them. It is important to know what and how the IoT enabled technologies are being used in your organization and have respective risk response ready in terms of —acceptance, avoidance, mitigating, sharing, or transferring the risk.

What are common functions available in an IoT device?

Each IoT device provide functionalities that it can use on its own or in combination with other IoT and non-IoT devices to achieve one or more goals. On high level, an IoT device will have—

  • Transducer Functionalities interact with the physical world and serve as the edge between digital and physical environments. Transducer capabilities provide the ability for computing devices to interact directly with physical entities of interest. Every IoT device has at least one transducer capability.
  • Interface functionalities enable device interactions (e.g., device-to-device communications, human-to-device communications, etc).
  • Support Functionalities provide device management, cybersecurity, and privacy functions.

The Anatomy of Cyber Attack on IoT Device

A cybersecurity maturity model calls for a range of capabilities that you would expect to see in an organization with an effective approach to cybersecurity. These capabilities will include things like effective leadership and governance or information risk management processes. Each capability will have a description of the kinds of activities and processes you would expect to see present in the organization, at different levels of maturity. An organization seeking to assess its overall cybersecurity maturity would compare its own practices against those described in the levels of each capability. These assessments would need to be backed up by some sort of evidence to justify the assessment(s) made.

How CyberGen can help you secure your IoT landscape?

IoT devices pose an enormous risk to any cyber security team – from how these devices were developed and configured to communicate with core networks. Insecure IoT devices and systems rise the probability that organizations and their digital assets will be compromised. Cyber Guardian’s IoT Cyber Security Consultants provide end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) assessments, certifications and managed security services that your organization can successfully balance risk with ease of business that IoT devices brings in.

Cyber Guardian’s IoT consultant partners with enterprise adopters to build security into IoT devices and solutions from chip to cloud. Our consultants work with you to unlock the business and operational value of IoT while ensuring the ongoing security and privacy of your assets and data.

Our custom solutions and services provide coverage across technological domains, including embedded devices, firmware, wireless communication protocols, web and mobile applications, cloud services and APIs, and back-end network infrastructure.

CyberGen Advantage?

Your Trusted Cyber Security Partner

Gain security assurance, from chip-to-cloud, that enables your business to accelerate innovation and move to scale with confidence. We’re trusted by enterprise IoT adopters to uncover vulnerabilities in their connected devices and help them build security in from the start.

Simplifying IoT Cyber Security

Our vendor agnostic easy-to-use solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your connected devices to provide a cyber secure operations. Our custom solutions help you meet your “core” business need to make sure your IoT devices and platforms are reliable and the most secure available in market.

Team of Leading IoT Subject Matter Experts

CyberGen is home to leading IoT consultants and cyber security SMEs, who will work with your team to secure your innovative business solutions. Our team of experts will help you position your IoT products with cyber security as edge in the market.

Full Range Cyber Security Services

CyberGen IoT Center of Excellence (CoE) provide full range cyber security services to help you start from design, development, testing and management services for your business need. Our services are built and customized to secure your IoT solutions from cyber attacks targeting them.

CyberGen Offerings for IoT Solutions

CyberGen offers a "Defense-in-Depth" approach to cybersecurity for our Industrial Customers. Defense-in-Depth is a hybrid, multi-layered security approach that provides integrated defense across an industrial enterprise and is projected to become a safety standard in future factories.

We do so by applying our Industrial Cyber Security Lifecycle Methodology of ADVICE > TRANSFORM > MANAGE to deliver risk-resilience. Our methodology is structured to help your sustainability efforts and provide peace of mind across your industrial operations.

  • IoT Security Testing & Verification
  • Unmanaged/ IoT Device Discovery & Management
  • Discover & Fix Vulnerabilities
  • Managed Security Services
IoT Security Testing & Verification

Our cyber security assessment techniques are based upon guidance from OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS). These assessments help product teams address emerging IoT security challenges and normalize the coverage and level of rigor required for each IoT solution and devices. Our IoT Security Testing and Verification Assessments include—

  • Penetration Testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Device Testing
  • Threat Modeling
Unmanaged/ IoT Device Discovery & Management

We assist you discover connected and unmanaged devices with our vendor agnostic solutions and approach ―even those equipped with non-standard operating system. We design custom solutions that are non-disruptive, dynamic and help you gain control over your IoT landscape. We offer,

  • Manual/Automated Asset Discovery & Management
  • Automated Asset Management Tools deployment
  • Periodic Asset Inventory Data Review
Discover & Fix Vulnerabilities

CyberGen help you discover, evaluate and mitigate vulnerabilities associated with your IoT platforms and solutions. Vulnerabilities with IoT devices and solutions are pretty much a continuation of traditional enterprise network systems. An attacker can exploit a vulnerable IoT device to gain access on your enterprise network and resources. There could be IoT-centric network activity taking place right under your nose that you might not even be aware of. We help you secure your IoT device landscape by addressing vulnerable systems on time.

Managed Security Services

CyberGen can handle the ongoing monitoring of your IoT solutions to ensure their long-term integrity and availability. Choose from our managed cyber security services to secure your unmanaged/ IoT device landscape.

  • Cyber and Network Security Device Management Network Segregation
  • Cyber Security Incident Monitoring & Triage Management