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44M Digital Wallet Items Exposed in Key Ring Cloud Misconfig

Millions of IDs, charge cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, medical marijuana ID cards and personal information was left exposed to the open internet.

Emerging MakeFrame Skimmer from Magecart Sets Sights on SMBs

Attacks using a brand-new card-harvesting code is targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, claiming 19 sites so far.

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Coronavirus ‘Financial Relief’ Phishing Attacks Spike

A spate of phishing attacks have promised financial relief due to the coronavirus pandemic - but in reality swiped victims' credentials, payment card data and more.

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Top Email Protections Fail in Latest COVID-19 Phishing Campaign

An effective spoofing campaign promises users important information about new coronavirus cases in their local area, scooting past Proofpoint and Microsoft Office 356 ATPs.